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Bible Verse Tweet is sharing a Bible verse about HOPE today.


The Daily Bible Verse talks about what true HOPE is.


HOPE: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet HOPE for?


What does it mean to you to have HOPE?

Featured Book: Have you read:


titus(1)The Book of Titus: Paul’s Letter to Titus

by Deborah H. Bateman

Have you read:

The Book of Titus: Paul’s Letter to Titus

By Deborah H. Bateman

About the book:

The Book of Titus: Paul’s Letter to Titus is a Daily Bible Reading study by Deborah H. Bateman. Titus is considered to be one of the Pastoral Epistles.
Paul wrote these letters to help instruct the leaders of the churches how to handle certain situations and how to properly establish the churches of his day. The book of Titus is found in the New Testament of the Bible right after 2 Timothy.
The Book of Titus: Paul’s Letter to Titus contains six daily Bible lessons. Included in each lesson is a brief commentary, the Daily Bible Scripture, a few questions for contemplation or discussion which Deborah calls: “Things to think about,” and a prayer to go along with the study. This Bible study is great for personal or group studies.

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